Drivers are at the heart of our scheme and we are always looking for more!

We provided over 800 lifts in 2019 but we could have done more if we had more drivers.

How much does a journey cost?

A journey costs £2 booking fee + 60p per mile.

If you hold a valid concessionary bus pass the fare is £2 booking fee + 30p per mile for the first 16 miles (single) or 34 miles (return) journey.

For full fare regulations see below.

Fare Regulations

We operate using strict fare guidelines to ensure that all journeys are charged correctly.  
  •  A £2 booking fee is applied for all single or return journeys.
  • Mileage is 60p per mile, or 30p for valid Somerset County Council Bus Pass holders.
  • We can only offer a bus pass discount if we have your up-to-date bus pass information.
  • If your bus pass information changes please notify our admin team.
  • Return journeys have a maximum wait time of 60 mins after which you will need to book two separate journeys. The exception for this is longer journeys to hospitals in other cities in which case the wait time is 2 hours.
  • Reduced bus pass fares are only applicable for journeys after 9.30am and under 34 miles.
  • Reduced Bus Pass fare journeys will be charged at the reduced rate up to 34 miles and standard rate thereafter.
  • You will be informed of the fare before the journey – please ensure you have the correct change. Drivers cannot be expected to provide change. Any extra money handed to the driver will be considered a donation.
  • Mileage is calculated from the drivers home to your starting location to the destination and back to the drivers home for single journeys. Mileage for return journeys includes the route back to your starting location.
  • Parking or toll charges are to be paid directly by the passenger either purchasing the appropriate ticket directly or paying the appropriate amount to the driver.
  • We accept cash, cheques or bank transfer as payment. Cheques should be made out to “Sustainable Frome CIC”. Payment via bank transfer is possible by prior arrangement in advance of the journey. Please speak to the admin team for more details.

Fare tables

In order to be fully transparent about our fares we have produced the following fare tables to give a guide to the cost of journeys.

Please note that mileage includes travel from the driver’s home to you, and back to their house.

For concessionary fares there is a 2-tier payment system as the discount is only applied for a specified number of miles. In the fare tables, this is highlighted in orange and red. 

We calculate the fares using our online booking system that plugs into Google Maps for accuracy. We can let you know the fare in advance of the journey once a driver has been allocated.

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Call us to book a driver for a lift or delivery. Registered once before you book.

Become a driver

Become a volunteer driver with us and help support our community.

What people say about Frome Community Drivers

"The drivers are incredibly friendly.

They lift you up because you know that you haven’t got to faff around.

You know they are there when you come out and it makes all the difference."


"It’s a very good service. Especially for people like myself who are old and can’t drive.

We can go anywhere... they wait for you to come out and take you home.  All the drivers are very friendly and polite."


"I use the service around 3-4 times per week.

If they didn’t exist, I’d be stuck here because I can’t drive and the bus is no good for me as I can't walk far with a walking stick."


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