Register with us

All passengers are required to register their details with us before booking their first lift or delivery.

This only needs to be done once and ensures that we always have the correct details.

How much does it cost to register?

Registering for the scheme is completely free.
Each lift or delivery is subject to a fixed fare based on the mileage of your journey and is £2 admin fee + 60p per mile.
If you hold a valid Somerset County Council Concessionary Bus Pass then you are eligible for a discount on the mileage to 30p per mile. Please note that this is subject to a few terms & conditions so please familiarise yourself with them before booking a lift.
Full fare tables and regulations, and our Handbook can be found here on our Journey Fares page.

Am I eligible to register?

This scheme is open to residents in the postcode area of BA11 in Frome, Somerset. If you live close by but outside this area please give us a call to discuss your situation.

We aim to provide lifts for people who are in genuine need of affordable transport either because they are unable to drive, do not have any public transport close by or are in financial or physical hardship.

If you are unsure whether you meet these criteria please give us a call to discuss your situation.

We would hope that anyone who is able to afford a taxi or already has a car does not use the scheme.

Register with us

You can register for our community drivers scheme on this online form. Please do this before you ring for the first time. 

Can I register on behalf of someone else?

Yes absolutely. Many of our passengers are elderly or infirm or don’t’ have access to a computer.

We are very happy to have people registered by a third party however we would need to have a phone call with them to confirm that their consent has been given to share their information and to register with the scheme.

Book a driver

Call us to book a driver for a lift or delivery. Registered once before you book.

See our fares

See our fares and regulations, and download our Handbook.

What people say about Frome Community Drivers

"The drivers are incredibly friendly.

They lift you up because you know that you haven’t got to faff around.

You know they are there when you come out and it makes all the difference."


"It’s a very good service. Especially for people like myself who are old and can’t drive.

We can go anywhere... they wait for you to come out and take you home.  All the drivers are very friendly and polite."


"I use the service around 3-4 times per week.

If they didn’t exist, I’d be stuck here because I can’t drive and the bus is no good for me as I can't walk far with a walking stick."


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To book a driver or to register with us.

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Email us to book a driver or find out more.

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