Community Drivers

Providing volunteer drivers and deliveries for those in need

Coronavirus Update

Frome Community Drivers is offering a new free prescription delivery service, supported by Frome Town Council, to enable anyone in isolation to receive the medication they need – to arrange a drop off please ring or email.

To sign up as a volunteer please email us.

Supporting our community and keeping everyone safe is our highest priority. Here is our guidance for drivers and people receiving items to minimise risk of spreading the virus.

We are also providing lifts for essential travel, such as medical appointments – where our standard charges apply.

What we do

We provide volunteer drivers to help people in need to get to the places they need to be.

This ranges from medical appointments to social engagements to shopping to volunteering.

We provide a valuable point of connection for both drivers and passengers.

During the Coronavirus situation, we are extending our scheme to provide a delivery service for vulnerable members of the community who are unable to collect prescriptions or groceries.

Please note our drivers are volunteers and so we cannot guarantee a driver will be available. We will always do our utmost to fulfil all lifts and deliveries booked.

Book a driver

Call us to book a driver for a lift or delivery. Registered once before you book.

Register with us


Register with us to book a driver. You can do this easily through our online form.

Become a driver

Become a volunteer driver with us and help support our community.

How much is it?

£2 booking fee + 60p per mile

We have a clear and transparent fee structure. Passengers pay for the lift or delivery, and our volunteer drivers are remunerated for the miles driven.

Each single or return journey is subject to a £2 booking fee. This enables us to manage all the drivers, passengers and keep everything running.

The journey is then charged at 60p per mile, unless you have a valid Somerset County Council Bus Pass, in which case we charge 30p per mile.

The journey mileage is calculated from the drivers home, to your starting location, your destination, and back to their home.

See our full list of fare regulations here.

About our drivers

All of our drivers pride themselves on being friendly and reliable and often go above and beyond their call of duty.

They are all DBS checked, or provide references so we can ensure the safety of our passengers.

They are the lifeblood of our scheme and the more drivers we have, the better we can support our community.

Become a volunteer driver now and join the team.

What people say about Frome Community Drivers

"The drivers are incredibly friendly.

They lift you up because you know that you haven’t got to faff around.

You know they are there when you come out and it makes all the difference."


"It’s a very good service. Especially for people like myself who are old and can’t drive.

We can go anywhere... they wait for you to come out and take you home.  All the drivers are very friendly and polite."


"I use the service around 3-4 times per week.

If they didn’t exist, I’d be stuck here because I can’t drive and the bus is no good for me as I can't walk far with a walking stick."


About Frome Community Drivers Scheme

Frome Community Drivers was first set up in 2016 to meet the needs of local residents who had no access to public or private transport and were unable to get out and about.

We use volunteer drivers who we pair up with BA11 residents in need of a lift. 

We charge a small fee to cover the admin costs and pay the driver the standard HMRC mileage allowance. 

We achieve so much more than just providing transport though.

We enable people to get to Doctor’s or hospital appointments. We help people do their weekly shopping or attend social events. We help reduce isolation and loneliness by connecting drivers and passengers, many of whom go on to form firm friendships.

We believe that in 2019 alone we helped save the NHS £48,000 in making sure appointments were not missed

We have a huge impact socially and financially on many people in and around Frome and hope to continue to do so for years to come.

Frome Community Drivers operates under Sustainable Frome CIC, a not for profit organisation.

Become a driver

Become a volunteer driver with us and help support our community.

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